Obstetric Services

s-patient3.jpgCongratulations on beginning this exciting part of your life! We are here to help see you through every step of your pregnancy and through the birthing process.

Prenatal Visits

At the initial visits, we will conduct a complete history and physical. An ultrasound will be performed, to confirm your pregnancy and to establish your due date. Routine prenatal labs, along with any appropriate screening tests, will be drawn. Detailed information and counseling will be discussed. We welcome you and your partner to attend this and all other prenatal visits.

Schedule for routine prenatal visits

  • Until 28 weeks of pregnancy every 4 weeks
  • 29 - 35 weeks of pregnancy every 2 weeks
  • 36 weeks of pregnancy and after every 1 week
  • You may need additional testing if you progress past your due date
  • You may need additional testing if there are any medical or obstetrical complications related to the pregnancy

At each routine visit, we will check your weight, blood pressure and urine. We will also listen to your baby’s heart beat and assess the progress of your pregnancy.


A screening ultrasound is performed ~20 weeks of pregnancy, to examine fetal anatomy and growth. We also offer a 3-D ultrasound, which is done ~30 weeks of pregnancy.

Delivery and Childbirth Classes

We perform our deliveries at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. Your physician will work closely with the Labor & Delivery staff, to ensure a memorable birth experience.

You are encouraged to visit their website – to learn about the Labor & Delivery unit, the registration process, and childbirth classes.